Welcome to SuperHuman Times — or, if you’re one of the hardy few who have actually listened our show, welcome back!

If you’ve never heard any of the  original Prometheus Radio Theatre productions  of the series, don’t worry. I tried to write the following prose short stories so that you could jump right in. (You can also learn all you really need to knowhere, and get synopses of the podcasts being adaptedhere.)

I wrote these stories to mark its tenth anniversary in 2016. If you’re reading them after listening to the original podcasts, know that these are not blow-by-blow adaptations of the original script, and I did not adapt all of the episodes. I’ve taken liberties and expanded on some things, condensed or eliminated others.

In some cases, I think the short stories are much better than the scripts. I leave you to make your own judgment on that score.

Some of these stories are based on scripts that haven’t been produced yet. For various reasons, I don’t know if they ever will be. So I’ve “produced” them here. I hope I’ve done them justice.

I've also tossed in some original Times material that I wrote just for this occasion -- two short stories and some sample chapters from the planned follow-up to the first Times novel, Heroic Park, titled Spellbound.

Please note that each story bears a faint watermark. While you’re free to share the PDFs with others (and if you think they’re good enough to do so, thanks), the watermarks are intended to discourage people from — don’t laugh too hard — selling them. They may be collected in print someday and if anyone’s gonna make a buck off of this waste of time, it’s gonna be me.

One more thing: If you’ve read 
Heroic Park: A SuperHuman Times Novel, you’re in for a treat (I hope). Several of the incidents in these stories are referred to in the histories of the characters in the book. Now you can fill in some blanks.

These were as much fun to write in prose as they were to write as scripts. And I still enjoy the company of these people in this universe. I hope you'll enjoy them, too.

Adapted from the Podcast Episodes, and Then Some

While it contains no graphic sex or violence, and only mild profanity, SuperHuman Times -- both the podcast and the short stories -- are suggested for listeners age 12 and up, mainly because anyone younger than that would probably be bored by it. But, hey, if you're under 12 and it still sounds interesting to you, welcome!