Because superhumans would be nowhere without comics.Or podcasts. Or novels.

SuperHuman Times is a work of fiction.
Any similarities to actual people, places and/or institutions is entirely coincidental.

NOTE: While it contains no graphic sex or violence, and only mild profanity, SuperHuman Times is suggested for listeners
age 12 and up
, mainly because anyone younger than that would probably be bored by it.
But, hey, if you're under 12 and it still sounds interesting to you, welcome!
Not affiliated (or to be confused) with the good folks at SuperHero Times.

Welcome to the Official (if modest) Web Site for the radio comic-book from
the multiple award-winning Prometheus Radio Theatre and
the SuperHuman Times novel Heroic Park  fromFirebringer Press!


UPDATED May 1, 2017
SuperHuman Times (such as it is) turned 10 years oldin 2016!
Celebrate with a year of SuperHuman Times short stories & fiction!
MAY'S STORY: No Good Deed